Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this run work?  A: This is a driving event. You will receive a route sheet that will direct you to several shops and businesses in our area. At each stop you will receive a ticket. You will place one half of each ticket into the drum at the end of the run and you will keep the other half… YES YOU NEED TO FINISH TO ENTER THIS OPPORTUNITY  DRAWING FOR THE DRIVERS.  A 55″ FLAT SCREEN TV IS THE PRIZE FOR DRIVERS.  All tickets are numbered and everybody has an equal chance to WIN!

Q: Can I bring an EZ-Up for shade at the end of the event? A: YES. There is plenty of parking space at the Orange County Market Place. We ask that all EZ-Ups have weights to hold them down as it is often windy in the afternoon this close to the ocean and please, be considerate of your neighbors when setting up. If your EZ-Up is not properly secured, staff may ask you to take it down. The EZ-Up is your responsibility so if it moves in the wind and damages another vehicle, it is your responsibility to address that issue.

Q: Can I get a extra run sheet? A: YES. For $20 at the start. At each stop you will receive an extra ticket for this sheet which gives you another chance to WIN!

Q: Is there any other raffle or 50/50 drawing? A: Yes. Tickets for the 50/50 and prize table will be available to purchase at the starting point as well as the ending point. All winners must be present.

Q: Where can I PRINT a registration form? A: RIGHT HERE Remember that all mail in registrations must be postmarked on or before December 27th to receive a free event shirt. Entries received after December 27th will be charged for any shirts ordered.

Q: Is it possible to register ONLINE?  A: Yes. Online registrations will be accepted until January 16, 2020 but only registrations placed before December 27th, 2019 will include the free event shirt. REGISTER ONLINE HERE

Q: Can I order a shirt even if I am not attending? A: Yes. To order an shirt and have it sent to you just visit our ONLINE ORDERING HERE.

Q: Can I register the day of the event?  A: Yes. Registration fee is still $40 on the day of the event but will not include a free event shirt. Limited quantities of event shirts will be available on the day of the event at a cost of $20 for available sizes up to 2-XL and $25 for any available larger sizes.

Q: If my registration is postmarked after the December 27th deadline, will I still be able to get a free event T-Shirt?  A: Sorry but this is our only no answer. The deadline of December 27th is established to allow for production time for the event shirts. A limited number of shirts will be available for sale at the event for a cost of $20 for available sizes up to 2-XL and $25 for any available larger sizes.

Q: Can I drive my 2011 Dodge Charger or grandma’s old Nash? A: Yes. You can drive any type of vehicle or motorcycle on Jeff’s Fun Run… even the family minivan, or an 18 wheeler if your hot rod is broken down. We have had participants fly in for the event and use their rental van! Remember that it is the person inside the car that counts. not what he is driving!

Q: Is there food at the end of the Run?  A: YES! Food, Beer, & Wine are available to purchase at the Orange County Market Place.

Q: If I cannot drive the event, can I at least check out all of the cars at the ending spot?  A: YES! We would love to have you visit us. The driving time for the event is about three hours so the first vehicles should begin to arrive around 11:00am. More information on the ending spot will be available soon. Everybody should be in  with plenty time to eat lunch before the drawings take place. Enter at gate #10 for free parking.

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