Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this run work? A: We got away from pulling a card at each stop. How at each stop you will receive a raffle ticket. The top half goes into the raffle barrel at the end of the run and you keep the other half (All tickets are numbered),  EVERYONE will have a chance to WIN!

Q: Can I buy a extra run sheet? A: YES for $35 at the start. Then at each stop you will receive another raffle ticket or another chance to WIN!

Q: Is it possible to register on PayPal?  A: YES, all PayPal registrations must be placed before January 1st, 2018. All registrations before January 1st include an event shirt.

Q: Can I register the day of the event?  A: Yes, registration fee is $35 the day of the event. Limited quantities of event shirts will be available on the day of the event at a cost of $20.

Q: If my registration is after the December 31st deadline, will I still be able to get a free event T-Shirt?  A: Sorry but this is our only no answer. The deadline is established to allow for production time for the event shirts. A limited number of shirts will be available for sale at the event for a cost of $20.

Q: Can I drive my 2011 Dodge Charger or grandma’s old Nash? A: Yes. You can drive any type of vehicle or motorcycle on Jeff’s Fun Run… even the family minivan if your hot rod is broken down. We have had participants fly in for the event and use their rental van! Remember that it is the person inside the car that counts. not what he is driving!

Q: Is there food at the end of the Run?  A: YES!

Q: If I cannot attend the entire event, can I at least check out all of the cars at the ending spot?  A: YES! We would love to have you visit us at BRC Fabrication. The driving time for the event is just under two hours so the first vehicles should begin to arrive around 11:00am. Please park towards the beginning of Gemini Street to leave room for the participants. Everybody should be in by 1:00pm with plenty time to eat lunch before the drawings take place.

2 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Carl Haas says:

    I am not sure my registration went through. Confirmed PayPal processed payment but before I could copy registration info my computer went down. Registration should be in the name of Carl L Haas, shirt xxL. Payment made via PayPal on 12/22:17

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